Ing. Rudolf Pavlovič
member of Slovak Genealogical-Heraldic Society

I would like to thank Rudo Pavlovic for all the research that he has done to help me find the Mayersak -Majercsak ancestors. I started collecting family information several years ago, when I asked about my husbands Grandfather, Jacob Mayersak who immigrated to the US in 1883. The family knew almost nothing about his life until he settled in Ironwood, Michigan. I found a fair amount of information about his life in Michigan, but before that it was a total blank. I count myself so fortunate to have found Rudo to assist me in finding family from Lendak, Slovakia. Rudo’s research skills, found far more family information than I ever imagined possible. I found Rudo to be so enjoyable to work with, and as the research progressed he was always professional and available to help. I would recommend Rudo for anyone looking for genealogy research assistance, I have already done so to others interested in family research. I sincerely Thank you, Rudo, on behalf of all the Mayersak Family, who now know so much more about their ancestors from Lendak, Slovakia. We are most grateful.

Priscilla and Jerry Mayersak, Naples, FL


"Je to naozaj radosť spolupracovať s tak úžasným profesionálom, akým pán Pavlovič bezpochyby je. Pri vytvorení rodokmeňa rodiny Velics som sa rozhodla práve pre pána Pavloviča a vôbec nebanujem. Je to veľmi milý, ochotný pán nadšený pre vec. Všetkým, ktorý sa rozhodnú vytvoriť rodokmeň ho odporúčam. Je super, nielen ako človek, ale aj ako odborník. Zatiaľ ďakujem, pán Pavlovič."
S pozdravom

Jana Veličová


Sono sicura che la voglia di conoscere le persone che ci hanno preceduto è in ognuno di noi. Non sempre però è possibile realizzare in proprio queste complesse ricerche sul posto, e nei registri presso gli archivi di stato, quindi è di vitale importanza affidarsi alle mani esperte e qualificate. Grazie all'Internet ho avuto la fortuna di incontrare signor Pavlovic Rudo, redattore dell'albero genealogico delle famiglie Stegena di Livovska Huta e Kukula di Haniska pri Kosichiach. Il mio ringraziamento a sig. Rudo non è soltanto per la massima professionalità con la quale ha portato a termine le ricerche ma soprattutto per la cortesia e la premura non comuni, con le quali accompagna il suo lavoro, e per questo e per tant'altro come in genio e l'attenzione nel districarsi tra una moltitudine d'informazioni e possibili soluzioni al puzzle lo ringrazio in nome di tutta la mia famiglia.

Marta Katruskova


I feel sure that every human being keeps inside the desire of knowing more about his /her ancestors. However it is not always possible to make researches on the ground, personally inquiring for names and dates within registers and archives. In this case it is of vital importance to come into contact with qualified and reliable experts in the field. Thanks to the web I have been so lucky as to meet Mr. Pavlovic Rudo, the author of the genealogical tree of the families Stegena of Livovska Huta and Kukula of Haniska pri Kosichiach. My gratitude to Mr. Rudo is not only due to the high professional qualities he has shown in conducting the whole research but even more to the courtesy and kindness with which he has taken us to the final results. For all this and for the numerous and ingenious informations suggested, always with solicitude and real interest, for the solution of our puzzle, I warmly thank him together with my family.

Marta Katruskova


Úprimné poďakovanie!!! Týmto chcem úprimne poďakovať v mene rodiny Žitnayovej pánovi Pavlovičovi za genealogické bádanie po predkoch našej rodiny. Jednoducho povedané : rýchlosť,kvalita a pravda!!!
Ešte raz ďakujeme!!!

Andrej Žitnay s rodinou.


Ahoj Rudo. Chcem sa ti podakovat za tvoju pracu, ktoru si urobil na vysokej urovni, s peknym generacnym prehladom a priradenymi kopiami originalov jednotlivych ludi rodokmena. Naozaj pekne a prehladne urobene. Ak niekto v mojom okoli si bude chciet nechat vypracovat rodokmen, urcite odporucim prave Teba. Klobuk dole.
S pozdravom

Vladimir Bakos


I am Theresa Vanko Martineau born in Cleveland, Ohio USA and have been trying to do research in Slovakia. I was recommended to have Rudo Pavlovics do some research, as I came to a dead end in searching records at the LDS Library in Salt Lake City. He has given me many surprises with his research, especially finding a niece of my grandfather, shown in the pictures he included on his website. He explained that when she saw the family photo that he took to her for verification of our family that she had tears in her eyes. I cannot think of a better reward to have found family from so far away. I recommend Rudo to assist in your family research. Many blessings to Rudo Pavlovics.

Theresa Vanko Martineau


I have worked extensively with Rudo Pavlovic over the past two years researching my surname…Staurovsky. Rudo has great attention to detail and is able to transcribe the most difficult of records. He possesses a high degree of knowledge in the areas of Eastern Slovakian genealogy and history and has proved to be an invaluable resource in my research.. Rudo has provided records that are only available to someone who has an in depth knowledge of Eastern Slovakian archives. Many of the records he has provided are not available through other resources such as the Mormon Family History archives.
Rudo charges an extremely fair rate for research and has always provided me with results that exceeded my expectations. Rudo Pavlovic receives my highest recommendation.

Robert Staurowsky
Highland Village, Texas. USA


"Because of Rudo's efforts, we now have proof positive that the American Wirtes and Wertis families originated from eastern Slovakia. Rudo worked tirelessly to link all the members in our family's tree. He responded to our inquiries immediately with cheerful enthusiasm. He is a genuine Slovakian goodwill ambassador, and we count him among our family's closest friends. We recommend him without question."

David G. Wirtes, Jr.
Cunningham, Bounds, LLC
1601 Dauphin Street
P.O. Box 66705
Mobile, Alabama USA 36604

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